Tea sales strategy:

  Now the difficult problem of selling tea in large numbers, merchants have farmers complain incessantly. Recalling the past in addition to a warning, "before Zhuge Liang" and "hindsight" would not help, do not make much sense. Fu Liang Xie famous brand experts believe that urgent or difficulties, based on the current, flexible use of "decomposition technique" to increase the sales of tea, allow enterprises to survive, the brand alive, so merchants can benefit farmers.

  Carefully "decomposition", you can put the problem "trivialize ified"

  On the "decomposition" strategy, I am "tea sales how to respond to environmental change? "Doing a preliminary analysis, in this supplement to talk again," exploded. ""Decomposition" mentality is very important, arguably the most effective marketing strategies of tea, it can be said to be the basis of many strategies to use in selling tea. More than ten years, far Zhuo team with this strategy helps a batch of shops and businesses a substantial increase in sales.

  Obviously, before a problem, to solve it, first of all should be "exploded", the problem is relatively easy to break down into a number of small problems, then in the "decomposition" based on, look at the back of each of the various minor problems the reason, find the "break all" approach, it may eventually crack the problem. Eyebrows beard grabbed good, styled worth mentioning; nowhere near good, Mangrenmoxiang worth mentioning, are not fundamentally solve the problem on.

  "Major issues to minor ones," and behind the saying is the "decomposition" of thinking, revealed the "decomposition" of the importance and methods. Literally, the key to solving the problem, precisely lies in two words: "solution" and "never." "Solution" to mean "break down", that is, to calm down, the problem carefully, "decomposition" step by step "decomposition", and "trivialize"; "decision" can be understood as a "decision" or "decision "that is, after careful consideration, to make decisions in many ways, the realization of" ones out. "

  We are "some tea into gold - Quick Maicha 72 strokes," a book analysis pointed out that the whole process of selling tea, and "tea" in the whole process, as you all can "break down" until you can break down into light easy Song distinguish "who is right" so far, or is it broken down to be able to clearly determine "how to improve" so far.

  For example, from the big picture point of view, selling tea all the puzzles can be "decomposed" to find customers in the process of tea could "break down" the process of communication with customers and communication language can be "decomposed", the process can stimulate customer interest "decomposition" to guide new customers and old customers to help recommend the process could "break down" the process of resolving customer dissatisfaction could "break down."

  Small and run, greet customers into the store process can be "decomposed", describes the characteristics of the process of tea could "break down", describes the process of tea prices could "break down" to guide customers to speak the words of the opening could "break down", further referral customers process-related products can be purchased, "decomposition", the process of resolving customer quality doubts could "break down" the process of handling customer requests price could "break down", specifically the timing of promotional items Mini could "break down."

  All this, as long as the encountered problems, difficulties encountered in the near future may also forward the problem may occur, must be carefully "decomposition" in order to find a solution, to achieve "trivialize ified" promote the final deal.

  Carefully "decomposition", you can be like "Paodingjieniu" as selling tea

  Paodingjieniu recap the story, you can help us further understand the "decomposition" thinking.

  Paodingjieniu comes from the "Zhuangzi", a direct reference here. Is the story of a chef Ming Jiaoding text Huijun slaughtering. Place his hand in contact with the shoulder against the place where the foot, knee on the place, are rushing to ring, knife pierce the cow's body, issued a rattling sound. Which does not sound undesirable temperament: both meet the "mulberry" dance to the beat, but also in line "after the song" movement rhythm.

  Wen Huijun said: "wow, Niu why your technique so high!?" Cook Ding calmly explained:. "I like the inherent law of things, it further than the technology when I started slaughtering, see both are integral to the head of cattle; after three years, it never again see the whole head of cattle; now, I used to touch the spirit of cattle, no longer see it with your eyes, sensory perception stopped, just by spiritual activities. "

  Cook Ding is how to operate it? "Cattle along its own structure, hit into a big gap at the joints along the space between the feed; according to the body's own tissues were dissected cow, context connected bones where coalescence, have never touched a knife to !, not to mention that it is good cooks thick bones annual change with a knife, a knife because they are flesh; generally change monthly chef knife, a knife cut off the bones as they. "

  Ding chef knife how to do? "Now, I have used this knife for nineteen years, it had killed thousands of cattle, just like a knife on a whetstone grinding out the same, because there is a gap of cattle joints, thin like a knife but no thickness , inserted into the incision did not like the thickness of the joints have gaps, how active it is definitely more than enough, so use this knife for nineteen years, just like a knife still grinding out of the same from the grindstone. "

  If you encounter a "problem" how to do? Cook Ding said: "Whenever there is a place coalescence staggered bones, difficult to deal with, I will warn them, doubly careful attention to this point therefore, the action thus slowed, transport knife is very light, it HUO Di soon sectional results opened, scattered on the ground like dirt, like I put a knife to stand up, and I looked around, and I leisurely, contented, wipe the knife clean, covered up. "

  Maicha puzzle solving and Paodingjieniu, we see the "selling tea" word, the word is not simple, nor is it simply to "leaf swap tickets", but should see selling tea behind the "meridians" and "context connected local coalescence bones", the 100 elements affecting selling tea or more of the elements one by one to find out, there are obstacles on each exclusion, low cost, high efficiency exclusion so keep going to solve the problem and improve every sales transaction rate. In short, is to completely "solve", first carefully "decomposition", like Paodingjieniu that do consummate, ease.

  Can not be ignored is that the actual sales and Paodingjieniu there are many differences, the biggest difference is the interaction problem. For example, the sales process, whether poor or rich consumers, they need different types of "timely", rather than just "icing on the cake." What we need is to get enough signal through the patient's question, explore and determine exactly what the customer needs "timely." Selling tea, too, the customer is different, naturally there are different needs, naturally require different types of "timely."

  How to explore consumers' needs? Fu Liang Xie believes that stood on the consumer standpoint, through a series of questions consciously, timely open front, promptly find the "gap", you can find consumer demand in order to provide consumers with "timely." This is not the same as selling tea and Paodingjieniu place because "cow" is unlikely to happily interact with "Chef D", we can happily interact with consumers, and must be happy to interact with consumers job "There are bitter music" in order to have the final "deal"! This is the iron law of the sales process.

  Rather critical, cultivation around corners, a salesperson can reflect the overall strength of a brand. For specific consumers, whose spending in a particular course, the reception of his sales staff to close "all brands", largely determine his views on a brand. Another strong brand strength, so skillfully served tea to like Paodingjieniu, their strengths and capabilities are required in the sales process vividly show up for the job so well, "decomposition" after each and every person involved in the sale are to understand the process and content, and can skillfully vividly expressed, so that consumers can hear hear immediately understand and are willing to believe, willing to accept, until finally willing to pay action.

  In this regard, China's tea industry bosses have always familiar with the heart, in order to protect the tea sales after carefully "decomposition", each link can be linked together, to bid farewell to the regular "ball dropped" sales difficulties, thereby has a higher turnover rate, to achieve more sales and help more consumers buy for their own tea, drink tea for their own. (End)

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