Mushroom cooperatives effectively promote the new rural construction work

        In recent years, while the country's booming mushroom industry, mushroom cooperatives in improving the degree of industrial organization, promoting industrial management, accelerate the construction of modern agriculture and increase farmers' income has played a positive and important role. Emergence of a group operating a large scale, strong service capabilities, superior product quality, standardize the management of cooperatives and leader in mushroom work. Meanwhile, the mushroom industry management organizations around the full functioning of the service and guide the healthy and sustainable development of the local mushroom industry has played an important role.

  September 27, 2013, "2013 National Assembly and the mushroom industry of promoting cooperatives mushroom Second National Conference" kicked off in Zoucheng, Shandong Province, at the same time, the second Zoucheng ecological agricultural fairs also curtain opened. General Assembly selected the mushroom industry nationwide demonstration counties and ten construction companies, the national top ten mushroom cooperatives, chairman, industry organizations and individuals who manage the awards.

  Conference "Building consumer channels, to promote industrial development" as the theme, excellent all-round display cases Chinese mushroom factory production, mushroom explore a new model for cooperative development, promotion of Zoucheng summary mushroom factory, industrial model, in-depth explore the important role of national policy under the new situation on the mushroom industry, and promote the mushroom industry sustained, stable and healthy development, give full play to the role in promoting mushroom cooperatives in the new rural construction.

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