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 Mushroom is a basic industry in Hubei Zhongxing Food CO.,LTD. In the early days, the mushroom fungus on the traditional farm into a modern industrial series through the introduction of advanced processing equipment.


In order to meet the development needs, the company is committed to creating "company + base + farmers" a new model of development of agricultural industrialization in sanligang pollution and other construction mushroom cultivation standardization demonstration bases for application of new technologies and the promotion of mushroom, established with farmers interests. Through the training base for mushroom science system, providing a mushroom cultivation technology to ensure the quality of the mushroom fungus. Since then, the Three Mile Gang mushroom processing companies springing up, mushroom industry cluster effect highlights not only led to the development of Suizhou mushroom industry, and mushrooms all over the country to attract a steady stream of flowing into sanligang mushroom market, forming a "buy Chinese, selling world." pattern.


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