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As the leading offshore recruitment agency in the Caribbean, our list of services includes offering our Cayman clients comprehensive, quality and affordable immigration services based on our industry background, legal expertise and our broad range of experience in all immigration matters.             
Getting here.
We provide comprehensive work permit application services, for both temporary and permanent grants. Submitting an application for a new employee can be tricky, and our expert Immigration Services team will ensure a smooth transition, troubleshooting any areas that may hinder business continuity.             
Living here.
We provide equally comprehensive renewal and appeals services. We will notify you of upcoming renewals, and prepare all necessary items that need to be submitted with your approval. In the event that your application is refused, we can provide legal advice on the merits of an appeal, and process your appeal to resolution.             
Staying here.
In addition to work permit applications, renewals and appeals, we can also assist you in all types of residency applications, from Key Employee, to Naturalization and Permanent Residency.             
Our Service.
We are keen to help you with your immigration requirements, saving you time, confusion and stress. We can ensure timely, effortless work permit, renewal and appeal applications. By allowing our professional Immigration Services team to take care of your immigration needs, you will have happier staff members as their applications, renewals, stamps and amendments are in safe hands. We also encourage you to allow your staff members to contact us directly with any questions, enabling you to get on with the more important tasks of running your business.             
Our Qualifications.
CML has been providing Immigration Services since its inception over 6 years ago, giving us a range of experience in different issues that arise.
Our Value.
Our Immigration Services are priced affordably so that we can assist you in the smooth running of your business. We believe that professional, quality administrative and legal services can be provided at a fraction of the cost of leading local law firms, achieving comparable or better results.             
For more information please contact us by email at or call +1345 949 1345.             


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