“And if you don’t get off on it, do the world a favor and get the hell out before dawn, preferably without a gilded parachute. “

Achieving an actively engaged workforce isn’t easy at the best of times.  Well, imagine how difficult it would be if you ran a fast food chain!  This interesting piece charts the rise of Tex-Mex chain Chipotle and credits its unique …

If an iPhone advertisement is designed to make people want an iPhone, what is a JOB advertisement for?

Below is a tiny snippet based on our upcoming workshop HR is the new IT. (N.B. It would not surprise me if the below seems obvious to you if you are a seasoned HR professional.  Remember, the HR is the …

Humility discussion from CML’s Excel career advancement workshop.

Latest blog from the Excel career advancement workshop.

The divide between contract and permanent work has often been a catalyst for much discussion ever since I started working in recruitment.  While my location has changed, it seems the mentality has not. The positives and negatives for both sides …

The Excel Blog: The Seven Heavenly Virtues for Career Advancement

The Economist on Britain’s long lost diaspora.

Career advancement is all about moving up the “Employee Value Curve”. But how?