Understanding and honesty are they keys to projecting confidence.

Are you thriving like Netflix or diving like Blockbuster?

Increasing the value you create for your employer is the key to career advancement.  The more value you create, the more justification for your employer to offer you advancement. There are an infinite number of ways for an employee to …

This is the first of perhaps many blogs which I will use to reflect my thoughts on IT recruitment in the Caribbean.  Hopefully this will be beneficial for people who are interested in relocating abroad.  I also wanted to share …

Impress yourself.

Every problem has a solution. Every destination a number of alternative routes. If you come across a fallen tree on the road, you have two choices.

Don’t keep them in the dark

Do you like to work with team-mates that exude positivity? Or do you prefer to be surrounded by “Debbie Downers”?

Remember that every day is a new chance for you to thrive. But you have to choose to. If you don’t choose to thrive, the very best you can hope for is to survive.

The Daily Show’s hilarious take on Google Glass. Well worth watching.