Much hard work from the dedicated workforce of the Cayman Islands has contributed to an improved ranking for Cayman in the latest Global Financial Centres Index. Cayman has moved up five places to #34 in the widely quoted index for …

The Cayman Islands have been named top offshore domicile in the captive insurance space.  This should come as no surprise to the many talented and dedicated professionals within the management, legal, and audit sectors.  Although Cayman has long been a …

A comparison of UK and Cayman Islands discrimination law.

Update on the status of Bermuda’s application for Solvency II equivalence.

Excellent piece from the Bermuda Development Agency’s CEO on the recent EU tax haven blacklist.

Bermuda insurance boss advocates corporation tax and the “dismantling of protectionism”.

It would be a shame if something were to happen to it…

A slew of economic headlines shows further weakening in the Bermuda economy during 2014, but the nadir may be in sight.

A series of mergers rocks the job market

Short video from The Economist on how HR is beginning to use big data to drive value.