than in the company of the dedicated Big Brother Big Sister volunteer group. I found myself at Dolphin Discovery filming the team at one of their activity days which involved swimming with Dolphins.

First let me tell you a little bit about the Big Brother Big Sister programme, it was developed in the Cayman Islands in the mid 80’s. They have the best goal, which is to provide support to families by giving youngsters one on one mentoring support and care –  the aim is to help every child and teen excel and reach their highest potential.  

The Big Brother Big Sister mentors are better known as Big’s and the adorable children and teens fondly known as Little’s.

I have to say I was rather moved during this shoot as I saw for myself the positive influence and connection these mentors have on the Little’s.  It really made me stop and think about how carried away we can get with the pettiness of life, when there are kids out there who are really troubled or come from less privileged backgrounds.

I have so much respect for the Big Brother Big Sister Mentors who take time out of their own professional lives to spread a little love and happiness to our youth, by simply giving them some one on one listening time and by taking them on little exercisions. The Little’s seem so grateful and appreciative, it really warmed my heart to see this for myself.

The benefits for youngsters involved in this program are outstanding – as their self esteem grows, they develop better relationships with family, friends and peers and in turn their school grades are higher.

 The team are heavily involved in charity fund raising events such as the super bowl, champagne brunch and the jazz and fashion festival. Big Brother Big Sister would not exist without the help of sponsors and donors.

Please support this loveable programme by facebook liking this video: http://www.cmlor.com/cml-tv/cml-tv.html

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