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As outlined by Michael Fahy, Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs in this Royal Gazette op-ed, Bermuda is about to revamp its immigration regime in the hope of revitalizing the economy and creating jobs for Bermudians. There seem to be some …

Bermuda fires a shot across Cayman’s bow as it vies to become a centre of excellence for hedge fund registration and services.

This is the first of perhaps many blogs which I will use to reflect my thoughts on IT recruitment in the Caribbean.  Hopefully this will be beneficial for people who are interested in relocating abroad.  I also wanted to share …

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UK high earners tax on the up.

If Bermuda, with it’s new $4m development agency needs to “get in the game”, Cayman is still fumbling its way to a seat in the nose-bleeds.

Summary of the most prominent recent offshore corporate and litigation work.

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