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Update on the status of Bermuda’s application for Solvency II equivalence.

Excellent piece from the Bermuda Development Agency’s CEO on the recent EU tax haven blacklist.

Bermuda insurance boss advocates corporation tax and the “dismantling of protectionism”.

A slew of economic headlines shows further weakening in the Bermuda economy during 2014, but the nadir may be in sight.

A series of mergers rocks the job market

Oh, snap! Bermuda Gazette tells furlough-struck civil servants “like it or lump it”.

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As outlined by Michael Fahy, Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs in this Royal Gazette op-ed, Bermuda is about to revamp its immigration regime in the hope of revitalizing the economy and creating jobs for Bermudians. There seem to be some …

Bermuda fires a shot across Cayman’s bow as it vies to become a centre of excellence for hedge fund registration and services.