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Tips for video clients to ensure your production stays on track

Do you feel your social media posts aren’t getting you any followers?  There’s a reason why. You may be posting at the wrong times and on the wrong days. Although traffic on the road can be dreadful (no one likes …

       Running a business can be difficult, but with these 6 social media apps your business can go from drab to fab! In this day and age the Internet is everywhere, which can seem scary…as if it’s taking …

So Blackberry. Apple launched their new iPhone, iPad and other cutting edge products. What are you going to do about it? Quite a lot if the past few weeks are to go by. From top to bottom overhaul, to PR boosts. Have a look and see what you think…

Are mispronunciations your pet peeve? Different dialects drive you crazy? Have a look at these technologies and see if you agree with how to say them.

Tips to get me (and others) to connect.

Fundraising event in the Cayman Islands raises $175k for St Baldrick’s Foundation

The IT industry (despite the stereotyping of geeks, nerds and the like) continues to be one of the most forward thinking, adaptive and creative industries around. As a genre the need to continually adapt, reinvent and recreate means that it is unlike any other. General sentiment is that we’re currently in the Third Generation of IT, but what does that mean?

Is a virtual currency, for instance the Bitcoin, the new ‘Offshore Bank Account’, the chic, yet devastatingly effective way to evade tax?

A look at the some of Google’s discontinued products and services.