Summer is upon us and schools are almost out.

Many people take an extra long holiday during the summer months, but many working parents are wondering how to keep their children entertained during the long hot, humid summer.  Fortunately for us, Cayman offers an array of camps and activities to keep your children occupied.  Check out the following links for more information or details about these fun and exciting camps.

Fitness Connection – www.fitness.ky

Offering a different theme every week, from photography to all about pirates, arts and crafts and water adventures

Musicians Ltd – www.musicians.ky

Performing arts camp, voice, drama and dance where children prepare to put on a performance

Camana Bay – www.camanabay.com

Offering a Multi-sport Camp including soccer, rugby, swimming and street hockey and Basketball Camp with Orlando Magic – learn with the stars!

Cowboy Town Stables – www.cowboytownstables.com

For all abilities, children will enjoy pony rides and learn all there is to know about horses

Swim & Trim – www.swimandtrimcayman.com/camps/

Design your own camp, all about water, fun and adventure

Equestrian Centre Camp – www.ecayonline.com/show_extra_company_page.asp?id=258

Have fun with the ponies and other animals, go on pony trails, have picnics and treasure hunts

Ritz-Carlton – http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/GrandCayman/Default.htm

Offering a variety of camps run by the Ambassador of the Environment and Tennis club

BN4MK – http://klisrv03.klinsight.com:1001/cayman/

Offering a variety of fitness and healthy living activities for kids – kids love it!

Have a great summer everyone!


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