Sticklers for grammar, punctuation and spelling will understand the annoyance that is caused by incorrect pronunciation and usage of words. Some may argue that the English language is evolving with the human race and therefore change is inevitable, and I can agree with that, as we no longer use “thee”, “thy” etc but can’t we keep some words the way they were? Especially when it’s a name?
You can always tell a tourist or newbie to the island when they refer to our home as “The Caymens” which is as irritating as the millions of acronyms that are creeping into everyday speech – especially the ones which take longer to say than the phrase itself e.g. “BTW” for “by the way”.
Some of the most valuable advice I think I can give, to anyone who cares to listen, is they’re not called “The Caymens”, it’s “The Cayman Islands” or “CayMAN”, emphasis on the end of the word, when referring to the islands (plural). Then for the three separate islands it’s “Grand Cayman”, “Cayman Brac”, and “Little Cayman”. You’ll note there’s no emphasis when “Cayman” is followed by “Islands” or “Brac”. It’s still not “Caymen”, but just an even toned “Cayman”. Getting the pronunciations of these correct is a good idea if you don’t want to irritate any locals and more importantly, so you don’t give yourself away as being “fresh off the boat.”

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