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It would be a shame if something were to happen to it…

Ah, a Bitcoin. Fastest growing currency in the world you say. Yes I can hold my own in a Bitcoin chat… I can’t however claim to be an expert. I’d like to make my millions by trading in Bitcoins. The fact I don’t know how is a bit of a draw back. So what is a Bitcoin?

A look at OFCs and their role in the financial services market.

The Cayman Islands has received the accolade as top jurisdiction as a Specialised Finance Centre in The Banker magazine’s 2012 survey of international financial centres.

Have you ever wonderered who invented the Banking system, as we know it? No me neither. I assumed from re-runs of Mary Poppins it was George Banks and his work with National Westminster and the Brits…I was staggered to learn that New Zealand wanted a piece of the pie…

Cayman Financial Review article – “The Evolution of Cayman banking”

CML’s Ben Cooper was interviewed on RTHK last night on Newswrap – Hong Kong’s leading current affairs radio program. Forming an expert panel alongside the Minister for Trade and the Head of the Unions, Ben was interviewed about the recent job cuts at HSBC and the effect on financial services recruitment. To listen to the interview go to: http://podcast.rthk.org.hk/podcast/item.php?pid=83

The future of recruitment?

The Asian legal recruitment market is currently at the busiest it has been for some time. In the past few weeks a large number of lawyers have resigned, along with number of legal opportunities opening up.

As any lawyer in the IPO team of a Private Practice Firm, or in the Investment Banking Division of a bank in Hong Kong will tell you, IPO activity is still very high in Hong Kong.