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The IT industry (despite the stereotyping of geeks, nerds and the like) continues to be one of the most forward thinking, adaptive and creative industries around. As a genre the need to continually adapt, reinvent and recreate means that it is unlike any other. General sentiment is that we’re currently in the Third Generation of IT, but what does that mean?

If the Chinese Zodiac was to have an IT theme instead of Animals what would best represent 2013? If we were to rely on a witticism – then 2013 is the year of the snake, what better than calling 2013 – year of python. Development enthusiasts would ‘get it’!!

Can Ireland be the European capital of Cloud Computing? What value does it add to the economy and are there lessons for Cayman to learn?

What will an IT Department look like in 2015?

How useful is cloud computing to your business? For small, medium and even large Firms it can really save with the office essentials.