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What’s been going on in the CML Office!

Not that I know much about astronomy but it made me think…

There is an important piece of constitutional legislation on the horizon; the Cayman Islands is serious about its future and its reputation.

Supporting our Vice President in the CML sponsored Squash Championship Finals…

CML’s Ben Cooper is being interviewed this evening by Terry Nealon on Radio 3 RTHK – Hong Kong’s most popular English language news show. The conversation will centre on the recent anouncement of redundancies at HSBC in Hong Kong and is also likely to cover the employment market within investment banking and financial services in general.

A glimpse of Rob and the hard-working team in Hong Kong.

The second in our ‘one year on’ follow up interviews. We are visiting the candidates we successfully placed in positions during 2010 to see how they are getting along and what advice and knowledge they can share.

Despite an increase in debt capital markets activity and a greater appetite for both RMB and US Dollar bonds, there is still some fear in the market place.

Please see below a picture of Ben Cooper, Vice President of CML, and Su Shan Chan, General Counsel of Singtel – winners of the best in-house team of the year. Picture courtesy of ALB and Thomson Reuters.

CML has seen a rise in the number of opportunities for derivatives and structured products lawyers over the past few weeks