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A slew of economic headlines shows further weakening in the Bermuda economy during 2014, but the nadir may be in sight.

Cayman tops the leader board again for fDi Magazine…

OFCs continue to weather the storms…

A look at OFCs and their role in the financial services market.

Paul Byles (CEO of Regent’s Bank and Trust in Cayman) discusses the challenges that lie ahead for Cayman and other offshore financial centres

Company offers $50,000 to every employee after 5 years employment. Would this be enough to make you stay?

A few thoughts from me on one of the main questions I get asked.

The parallels between Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are striking.

Economics and Statistics Office reports growth in 2011!

CML’s Ben Cooper is being interviewed this evening by Terry Nealon on Radio 3 RTHK – Hong Kong’s most popular English language news show. The conversation will centre on the recent anouncement of redundancies at HSBC in Hong Kong and is also likely to cover the employment market within investment banking and financial services in general.