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Tips for video clients to ensure your production stays on track

Do you feel your social media posts aren’t getting you any followers?  There’s a reason why. You may be posting at the wrong times and on the wrong days. Although traffic on the road can be dreadful (no one likes …

With such a rapidly evolving world it can be difficult to know what social networks to join and what they’ll do for your business. Today we shall witness the battles of all battles…we’ve got Twitter on the right and Facebook …

Danger you say? How could Facebook be dangerous? Well – actually it has the potential to be dangerous in lots of ways but I’m just going to be talking about the danger for job seekers

How do you go carbon neutral with such a colossal expense as a Datacenter? Ask Facebook, they’ve managed it and saved money at the same time!

Happy Birthday to Twitter. See how the BBC evaluate it’s reach and influence.

So Facebook have finally revamped their search mechanism. Long overdue as we’ve all been saying. What’s all the fuss about and does it work?

Be aware of what potential employers can see about you on Facebook.

OMG. LOL. ROFL. LMAO. *Insert text speak here* – whilst they might not be getting phased out of the English language (unfortunately) – they are certainly being used less in the SMS arena…Why?

What impact is Social Media likely to have on the US Presidential Election?