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Laurie “the Cynical Girl” tells us how it is!

Time to be healthy at work!

So New Year’s Day resolutions came….and went and I am still eating like its Christmas.

How not to do it, and how we can help you do it!

It’s the first week back to work and the beginning if a whole New Year. Exciting or scary? Most of us have had a nice extended holiday and the thought of returning to the office doesn’t always fill us with excitement!

Cayman’s traditional Remembrance Day ceremony.

Cayman ranks in the top 3 destinations for expats to live and work

You might not currently be working in the job you aspire to but there are still very good reasons to do a good job until the day that you do make it.

A humorous article by Kelly Eggers reminds us of how things can go badly wrong in an interview.  Here are some dramatic examples of what not to say and do in an interview situation!  To read the article in full click here. Happy Reading!