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It’s that time of the year again.  While many of us are still brushing the pine needles off our festive jumpers, a record amount of people are applying for new jobs. It would seem the cold weather and a sip …

Snowden, Assange, Manning, Watergate – notorious information leaks that have occured in the recent past. What inspires these guys; a chance to stand in the limelight? A deepseated belief of being in the right? But what happens to the rest of us? Do we need to know what Government is doing…more to the point, do we want to know?

The IT industry (despite the stereotyping of geeks, nerds and the like) continues to be one of the most forward thinking, adaptive and creative industries around. As a genre the need to continually adapt, reinvent and recreate means that it is unlike any other. General sentiment is that we’re currently in the Third Generation of IT, but what does that mean?

The Big Bang Theory – Amy, Bernadette and Penny. The three main female protagonists. Who would most young girls want to be like? Extrovert Neurobiologist Amy, Kooky Microbiologist Bernadette or resident eye candy – yet professionally struggling – Penny? I’m sure the results would mirror everyday society…

MOcrosoft, MOracle, MOcAffee, Apple MOc… Who knew that the IT world loved Moustaches?

How do IT salaries in Cayman compare to your local area? Does it make you fancy that short commute in the sun that much more?

Interested in Virtualisation and want to do some further exploration in the market? Look no further than Citrix. Your one stop shop…

Cloud Computing… is it STILL the next big thing?

What observations have I made within IT recruitment this quarter and where is there a particular demand in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands?

Who are VMware and would their products be compatible for your company?