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Tips for how to impress your colleagues during the first few days of a new job.

Tough love that may help you land that job.

“Being professional is just really clearly the way to go and helps you on the road to longevity” – Amanda Seyfried

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This simple checklist will keep you on track for a new job in 2013

In the current job market, it is hard to keep positive. Here are a couple of tips to help you along the way!

Be aware of what potential employers can see about you on Facebook.

These days everyone uses buzzwords, they’re in the job description, on the company website and used regularly in interviews. Candidates need to prepare and get familiar with them, what do they mean to you and are they in line with your requirements? Here are some buzzwords and what they mean – it may help you understand if this job or company is the right one for you! Check out the following link and article from www.skillstorm.com.

A “How to” guide to making yourself a perfect fit.

Some helpful hints if you are thinking of a change in career.