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About CML TV

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CML TV offers two types of video production for our clients, Social Video and Specialized Productions.

Social Video Campaigns:
The Social Video Campaign packages that we have put together cover a fun and concise strategic process, across online platforms that you may already be using (Facebook, TripAdvisor, Newsletters, existing websites), to distribute engaging video content that tells the story of your small business or start up.

We know how busy you are. With 'Social Media' rapidly evolving, how can you keep up with the movement? How do you even know where to start? Well, CML TV offers one-on-one coaching sessions that are customized to suit your needs. We help you stand confidently when it comes to running your chosen social platforms, and will provide you with the tools needed for you to measure your return on investment.

Specialised Productions:
Our Specialized Productions and extended video campaigns are of the highest quality. Typically, a larger and more comprehensive effort is made here with your internal marketing or HR team for the production of one custom video or a detailed expansion of a personalized video series.

When working in either production format, we have a step-by-step framework in place to make sure we understand your vision as we proceed. We start from the top, with your goals! These are the foundation of your idea, and a reference point to see that we are on the right track. We also encompass your messages and core company values that connect you to your fan base. What is it that you are really trying to say? Only when these are in place and agreed upon will we pursue the storyboarding of the visual content.

How do we know this process works? Over the last three years CML TV has had firsthand experience in creating, developing, and managing our own video campaigns this way. Clearly defining who you are and what you stand for helps your business connect, engage and build relationships by being personal, unique, and transparent.