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Most public practice firms are represented in the offshore jurisdictions, including the "Big Four", (KPMG, PWC, Ernst &Young, and Deloitte) and many second tier firms. If you have two or more years of auditing experience and a professional accounting designation, we will help you find your ideal next position. The rapid growth in offshore financial services has created unrivalled entry and promotional opportunities for commercially-minded accountants. Promotional prospects are unparalleled - many public practice accountants are promoted to management positions within two years. You will have the chance to work with a diverse range of audit clients and gain the high level of expertise which only comes from working closely with these clients in an advisory capacity.

Many of our clients prefer accountants who have trained at small or second tier accounting firms or who have experience on smaller scale engagements. Because qualified accountants are in such high demand in the offshore jurisdictions, accountants who have worked for smaller companies in the past have the opportunity to work for big name firms. Such experience considerably enhances your future career and salary prospects.

Many candidates prefer that their current employer is not aware of the fact that they are investigating other employment opportunities. If you are considering an internal transfer, our consultants will advise you of the pros and cons of each firm, industry and jurisdiction. We can also assist candidates by confidentially approaching the international offices of their current employer.

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