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A captive insurance company is one which is wholly-owned by another organization (generally non-insurance). Its purpose is to insure the risks of the parent organization and other specified affiliates. The main lines of coverage vary since captive insurance companies provide highly customized insurance solutions to their clients. The traditional lines of coverage include property, workers' compensation, general liability, medical liability and business interruption but can also cover terrorism or bioterrorism.

The captive insurance industry has developed over the last 30 years and continues to evolve as more and more companies are forced to innovate to meet their risk management needs.

The management of these companies is generally based in the offshore jurisdictions of Cayman, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands and is normally undertaken from day to day by qualified accountants.

As an account manager or account executive, you would manage a portfolio of captive insurance companies and be primarily responsible for financial reporting to the shareholders, management of claims, maintenance of corporate records, and compliance with the relevant captive insurance laws. You may also be responsible for presenting the financial reports at Board meetings in your capacity as an officer of the board, so excellent communication skills are required.

Captive Insurance Account Managers are often (but not always) required to travel within North America to attend board meetings on a quarterly or annual basis.

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