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In most of offshore jurisdictions, there are two types of companies: financial services firms which service an international client base; and local companies which service the smaller, local market.

Financial Controller or Finance Manager jobs in the financial services firms are generally very well paid, however, most require several years of relevant experience and there is normally stiff competition from local residents or locally residing applicants. IT experience is a distinct advantage for such roles as many smaller companies look to their Financial Controller to maintain their critical information systems.

Financial Controller jobs in local companies vary in salary but are generally slightly below the rate for financial services professionals. Again, most employers look for candidates with a track record in financial controller roles, although some will consider candidates with a public practice or management accounting background (there are no statutory audit requirements for most non-financial services companies).

Financial Controller roles can be difficult to come by due to their relative rarity and the degree of local competition.

Many accountants who are interested in a career in financial control start out initially in financial services until a suitable role arises. A temporary accounting contract in the Cayman Islands is a good way to achieve this flexibility.

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