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Mutual and hedge funds are among the biggest players in today's financial services arena. Approximately US $1 trillion is invested in mutual and hedge funds around the globe and that figure continues to rise annually.

In a mutual fund, investment managers raise capital from investors and invest it in a portfolio of equities, fixed income and derivative securities with the aim of exploiting inequalities in the market to deliver positive returns while limiting market volatility. Hedge funds are essentially mutual funds with broader investment guidelines and, often, the capacity for leverage.

In recent years the accelerated growth of the funds industry has created unprecedented demand for dynamic, analytically minded accountants and administrators who are able to communicate effectively with investors and investment managers on a daily basis.

At the entry level, you will be responsible for a portfolio of funds for which you will calculate periodic Net Asset Values, prepare monthly financial reports and perform daily fund administration duties. Accountants with previous funds experience are highly sought after for managerial and directorship roles within this booming industry.

Working offshore will also give you the opportunity to study for and achieve globally recognized and investment management qualification such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation or Securities Institute Certificates which most offshore firms actively encourage and sponsor.

No prior experience is required in order to be considered for a fund accounting role. However, you may find that a spell on a 6 month temporary contract is required in order to gain some experience in the field. This is normally enough to make you a marketable candidate within the fund administration sector.

Our clients also require experienced fund accountants and fund administrators for supervisory and managerial positions.

Our funds industry clients include some of the biggest names in global financial services. As a result of the high demand and rapid industry growth, fund accounting offers unrivalled remuneration, benefits, bonuses and promotional prospects.

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