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Although Cayman, Bermuda and BVI all offer excellent opportunities within Captive Insurance, Bermuda also offers many opportunities within the regular (i.e. non-captive) insurance industry.

Recent events, such as terrorism and extreme global activity, have stimulated both growth and turmoil in the global insurance markets.

Many publicly traded, global insurance companies are headquartered in Bermuda thus confirming its position as the third largest insurance market in the world (just behind New York and London) with total insurance assets in the region of US$300 billion. Many other insurance companies have subsidiaries and branch offices located in Bermuda.

We work with the largest insurers in the world which offer traditional, non-traditional and specialty lines including Property, Liability, D & O, Worker's Compensation, Aviation, Environmental, Marine and Product Recall coverage.

The industry offers excellent prospects for the following insurance professionals:
  • Accountants, with or without previous insurance experience
  • Underwriters (ACII or CPCU qualified)
  • Insurance Officers (at least 2 years experience required)
  • Actuaries (ACAS/FCAS/FIA)

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