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Structured Finance is a method of raising capital which utilizes a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to separate ownership, use, administration, risk and return for a pool of assets or asset backed derivatives. Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO's) and Syndicated Loans are examples of structured finance arrangements.

Structured Finance clients are sophisticated and are looking for customized solutions to the issues they face while ensuring that they have access to the most efficient methods of raising capital across multinational currency, legal jurisdictions and tax environments. Working in this fast paced and demanding industry ensures that no day or project is ever the same. The skills required will vary depending on the projects you are involved in. Your technical accounting and analytical skills will be constantly challenged.

At the entry level we are looking for qualified accountants with exceptional academic backgrounds who have a genuine interest in the industry, are able to think outside the box, and have the mental agility to adapt to new and often testing situations. A good understanding of commonwealth legal principals is advantageous.

This type of position is for individuals with previous experience in structured finance who may hold an accountancy designation...You should also possess an in-depth knowledge of the international securities markets.

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