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The offshore sector offers a broad range of opportunities, no matter what your specialism. CML works with small firms as well as large, multi-national companies in the legal, telecommunication and financial services sectors.

Our offshore locations offer a lifestyle that most people can only dream about. Warm climates, no pollution, low crime rates, short commutes, an excellent social life, and the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals from around the globe are just some of the benefits of living offshore. Although CML started off specializing in the offshore markets, our reputation for exceptional service and professionalism has created a demand for our services in other locations.

CML has expanded to assist our clients and candidates in other financial centres as well. Follow the link below to view our jobs in other locations. Salaries in the offshore market are exceptional. Offshore salaries have risen substantially in recent years to keep pace with demand in the major onshore financial centres. In the past, we have increased candidates' take-home pay by 25-50%. This compensation, combined with no or low taxes, makes living in an offshore jurisdiction extremely desirable. Use our financial comparison tool to see how you will benefit from being in a low or no tax jurisdiction or to establish your target salary for each location.

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