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Expatriate Population: Of the 23,098 people living in The British Virgin Islands, approximately 50% are expatriate workers. The expat professionals are primarily from the UK, Canada, South Africa and the United States.

Law & Order: Due mainly to full employment and relatively high per capita income, the crime rate in BVI is extremely low by comparison to most western nations. The BVI are protected by The British Virgin Islands Police.

Water Sports: The British Virgin Islands are known for their exceptional sailing conditions. The Royal BVI Yacht Club ( hosts a number of races and social events each year. The club also sponsors the annual BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival which is held in early April and consists of five days of racing. For diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, The BVI have approximately 100 exotic sites with countless different reefs. Other popular water sports include windsurfing, kite boarding, kayaking and fishing.

Travel: Access to the BVI is from either the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Once in Puerto Rico, there are numerous flights to the USA, South America, Europe and other Caribbean islands. There are affordable ferry services that have routes between the various British Virgin Islands. This is great for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

Sports Clubs: The Tortola Sports Club ( has full tennis, squash and gym facilities. For those who enjoy swimming, biking and running, TRIBVI ( ) hosts a number of races each year including a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon as well as a half marathon. The BVI are also home to the BVI Rugby Club ( which organizes a variety of tournaments and social events. The BVI Cycling Federation ( has over 40 members who meet for weekly training rides and form teams to compete in local and international races. Joining a sports club or team is a quick way to meet people and build a social network with like-minded professionals.

Night Life: There are a number of popular restaurants and bars that expats socialize in on the evenings and weekends. A couple of the most popular ones include The Bat Cave and The Village Cay. The bars in the BVI are friendly and relaxed and are always open until the last person leaves.

Transportation: There are no buses in the BVI. Taxis are available but are most commonly used by tourists. The majority of professionals commute to work by car. New and used cars are available for sale and used models are generally available from about $4000 and up.

Accommodation: Apartments and detached homes are available for rent and for sale. The majority of expats tend to rent apartments, at least to start with and then, once established, some choose to buy. The local newspapers have a list of advertisements and there are a number of real estate agents who are on hand to assist with rentals and sales. A 2 bedroom apartment ranges from about US $1,000 - $3500 per month (plus utilities). Some condominium developments offer additional amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment in such a development is usually in the US$2,500 - $4000 range.

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