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Overview: As the fifth largest financial centre in the world, the Cayman Islands employment market offers exceptional job opportunities for legal, accounting and IT professionals as well as jobs for administrative staff at all levels. Many of the world's major banks, offshore law firms, international accounting firms, fund administrators and insurance companies have offices in Grand Cayman.

Work Permits: Prior to an employee arriving in the Cayman Islands, the prospective employer must apply to the government for a work permit on the employee's behalf, after first proving that no suitably qualified Caymanians are available to fill the position. The majority of permits are valid for one year and are re-applied for on an annual basis. The employer is responsible for paying the work permit fee. Obtaining a work permit is normally something of a formality for qualified professionals, however a work permit application cannot be made whilst you are residing on the island. Many people without a professional qualification consider office temping as a means to obtaining on-island experience and to start working as soon as possible after their arrival.

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