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The Channel Islands lie in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy, and comprise two baliwicks ,the Baliwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, which in themselves encompass many other islands or islets all with an idiosyncratic character of their own. The Channel Islands as a whole have a total population of 158,000.

The islands are British Crown Dependencies but are not part of the UK. They are administered locally, making their own laws. Due to their stable government, proximity to both the UK and Europe and their low income tax rate, the main islands have become centres for financial services. On Jersey alone, the financial services sector provides 50% of GDP and 60% of government tax income.

Both bailiwicks enjoy unspoiled scenery due to strict planning laws. Sprawling fields, sandy beaches, rock pools and dramatic cliffs teem with wildlife here. The sea has always been an important part of life on the islands from seafaring of the past to diving, surfing and sailing of today.

Due to its English links and proximity to France, there is a blend of cultural highlights on the islands; examples are the different dialects still spoken by a small percentage of the islanders dialects which range from the Jerrais of Jersey, to the Guernesaise of Guernsey, and other island dialects in between. Cultural sights range from the WWII battlements, to the house of exiled French poet Victor Hugo, to picturesque harbor towns.

The climate in the Channel Islands is mild and sunny and life here is mellow.

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