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Expatriate Population: About 95% of the people in Hong Kong are of Chinese descent. The other 5% are made up of groups such as a South Asian population, a Vietnamese population, and you'll find mostly British and then Americans, Canadians, Japanese, and Koreans working in the city's commercial and financial centre.

Law & Order: Hong Kong is considered one of the safest cities in the world. Hong Kong's legal system is separate from Mainland China's, and English common law prevails. The impartial judiciary is independent of the legislature and executive, and is drawn from several British Commonwealth jurisdictions as well as from Hong Kong itself. Cases are heard in English and/or Chinese.
Water Sports: Hong Kong has 5 Government run Water Sports centres offering everything from Kayaking to Sailing.

Travel: Hong Kong International Airport is repeatedly voted as one of if not the best airport in the world. It operates on a 24-hour basis. Daily non-stop flights are available to major cities in the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. Taking a flight from the Hong Kong International Airport, one can reach most countries in Asia within five hours.

Sports Clubs: There are lots of different sports clubs for everyone including Rugby and Football to Squash and Badminton.

Night Life: Hong Kong offers entertainment for all tastes from the Ballet to the seedier options. For Bars and clubbing, Lan Kwai Fong has a vibrant nightlife and is heaving every weekend with expats and tourists alike. Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui, is a strip of bars off of Hong Kong Island where lots of locals and expats meet, and can also be counted on for a good time.

Transportation: Highly sophisticated public transport network with the highest usage rate in the world (over 90%). Taxis and buses run around the clock. The underground and over ground railways are fast, reliable and reasonably priced.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Hong Kong is not cheap. If you choose to live on Hong Kong Island, which is the most "western" part of the area, expect to part with a sizeable chunk of your salary. However, if you don't mind the commute and enjoy a little more peace and quiet you can live in Kowloon or the New Territories. Prices tend to decrease as you move away from Hong Kong Island.

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