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Expatriate Population: The Channel Islands expat population is made up of professional and unskilled workers from all over the world. The Channel Islands have implemented a residency policy which aims to keep population levels constant.
Law & Order: The Channel Islands are relatively crime-free, with strict Drinking and Driving Laws.
Water Sports: Sailing is one of the major past-times, as well as surfing, scuba diving and waterskiing.
Travel: The islands are accessible both by ferry and by short (<1hr) flights from the UK and France making it very easy to get away for the weekend.
Sports Clubs:  Sports play a large role in island-life with Guernsey and Jersey producing international sportsmen and women in many different sports such as football, motor racing and sailing.
Night Life: Of Guernsey's 65,000 people, about 30% are aged between 20 - 39, so the nightlife is pretty good! There are lots of pubs, bars and good restaurants to go to as well as a few clubs to choose from. Guernsey's St. James' Concert Hall has a busy diary of local and international concerts, plays and musicians. Jersey similarly has quite a few theatres and music venues with frequent local and international acts and a range of nightclubs and bars to suit most tastes.
Transportation: The Channel Islands have one of the highest proportions of cars to people in the world, so there are significant traffic and parking issues, but the bus services are well regulated.
Accommodation:  There are two property markets, 'Local' and 'Open'. The Local market houses can only be rented or owned by residentially qualified persons or rented only by non-local persons who have been granted a housing licence by the Housing Department. The Open market houses are generally more expensive, for both renting and buying.
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